Pre-conference excursion

For a limited number of attendees (typically for those travelling via Vienna) BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH offers a tour of its Syngas Platform Vienna. The core element of the Syngas Platform Vienna is a 1 MW second generation Dual Fluidized Bed steam gasifier. This plant is specifically designed to also handle challenging feedstock, such as low quality biomass, sewage sludge or sorted fractions of MSW. The tour will also include a visit of BEST’s downstream synthesis plants (eg. the barrel per day Fischer-Tropsch plant), which are directly connected to the gasifier. The tour will start at 11. Haidequerstraße 6, 1110 Wien-Simmering (entrance to the industrial waste incineration plant of Wien Energie). The site is about 15 minutes from Vienna Airport and 30 minutes from the city centre. Attendees will be transferred to Graz (Messe) after the tour.

  • Meeting point: 11. Haidequerstraße 6, 1110 Wien
  • Time and date: Jan 17 2023, 13:00
  • Duration of tour: approx. 2 hours
  • Departure to Graz: approx. 15:00
  • Arrival in Graz (Messe): approx. 17:30
  • Registration fee: EURO 100,-- (with Transfer to Graz) 50,-- (without Transfer to Graz)

The registration becomes valid after payment of the registration fee. The available places will be assigned on a first come principle.

Contact: Romy Hartwig, +43 5 02378-9310

Registration is closed.