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CFD optimisation of process plants (focus on bioconversion)

Sub-area 2.1 offers both metrological methods and simulation tools (CFD simulations, dynamic 1D process simulations) for the analysis and optimisation of process engineering processes.

The developed measurement methods and models are continuously refined in the ongoing research projects:


Particle conversion of biogenic particles

The particle conversion model developed at the Research Centre maps all sub-processes that are relevant for the conversion of biogenic particles in bioconversion plants (drying, pyrolysis, gasification and combustion of the char). The models are used in the context of CFD-based optimisations of:

In addition, a particle model for the conversion of metal oxides is currently being developed in the BIO-LOOP project, which will be used for the CFD simulation of chemical looping processes.


Chemical conversion models for the prediction of NOx, CO, PAH and soot emissions

Another focus is the description of gas phase reactions in bioconversion processes, as these are the basis for predicting gaseous emissions:

  • Prediction of NOx emissions from biomass furnaces with extreme air staging
  • CFD-based optimisation of an underfeed firing system
  • CFD simulation of biomass gasifiers for power generation



Sub-area 2.1 has extensive laboratory equipment and infrastructure for the determination of parameters necessary for the characterisation of bioconversion processes. Measurements can be carried out

  • in the facilities of industrial and research partners
  • in our own technical centre.

lab equipment and measurement infrastructure

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