COMET-Project Waste2Value

Syngas Platform Vienna


The Waste2Value project is driving the use of waste residues to produce hydrogen-rich syngas. The project focuses on waste fuels such as sewage sludge, industrial residues, waste wood and similar material.

In a second process step, the syngas is synthesized into liquid fuel (high quality diesel and kerosene). The current stage of the project runs to 2023 and covers construction and start-up of the pilot facility to gain the relevant operational experience. The Waste2Value research program examines the entire process chain, starting with the waste fuel, and including syngas production, purification, treatment and synthesis through to the final refining and use of the FT fuel in fleet trials for public transport.

The plant is worldwide the first of its kind designed to demonstrate the use of this technology in a single, end-to-end process in an industrial environment. The project results will allow the process to be evaluated in economic and technical terms, providing the basis for the planned industrial-scale implementation of the process.

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Pictures of construction and start-up of the pilot facility