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The utilization of biomass, residues and waste by thermo-chemical gasification is the core of this competence area.

Through the gasification process we convert biomass, residues and waste into syngas; this is the basis of synthetic fuels (FT diesel, FT kerosene, methanol), gaseous energy carriers (hydrogen and synthetic natural gas) or chemicals. Using renewable raw materials (biomass, sewage sludge, ...), the production and use of these products are CO2 neutral. In our vision of a future-proof and sustainable energy supply, this conversion of biomass, residues and waste into storable energy carriers plays an important role. (Surplus) electricity from wind and solar power plants can also be used in the form of additional hydrogen for the syntheses and thus be stored in carbonhydrates.

The syngas can be used directly to generate electricity and heat - in various industrial applications, for example, it is possible to turn high-ash residual materials into a clean, ash-free and, above all, high-calorific fuel gas. But the further processing of the syngas into storable energy carriers is becoming increasingly more important, above all existing infrastructures for liquid fuels and natural gas can be used for this purpose (drop-in fuels in the automotive sector and the existing natural gas network).

The development and optimization of the individual processes is divided along the process chain into the three areas of (i) gas production (thermo-chemical gasification), (ii) gas processing and (iii) gas application (syntheses), in which a number of necessary new and further developments of process stages, of overall processes and of the necessary infrastructures take place. We have the know-how and the necessary infrastructures to handle complete process chains. Through our ongoing further development and the addition of first-of-its-kind plants, we have achieved an exceptional international position, underpinned by many years of experience in the optimization of industrial gasification plants.

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