Laboratory Equipment

We offer our partners a wide range of analytical methods based on the long standing experience of our qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Cooperation agreements with scientific partners allow us to use external resources if required.

We jointly develop project-specific analysis strategies and solutions for measurement-related questions arising in the course of the research process.

Our work focuses on the following issues:

  • Materials (fuel analysis, fuel and charcoal design, catalysts)
  • Processes (biomass conditioning, thermal conversion processes, gas purification)
  • Added value through fractionated biomass utilisation

We determine the composition and characteristics of materials from only a few milligrams of sample and can thus predict their suitability and potential problems in technical applications.
Our regular participation in round robin tests ensures that our laboratory consistently delivers proficient and accurate analytical results.
International collaborations allow us to create a consistent database for ongoing technology developments and simulations. The data and experience gained are integrated into new international standards for biogenic raw materials and a comprehensive biomass and ash database.
We combine experimental approaches in analysis, materials science and process engineering with cutting-edge simulation and control technologies in order to make a sustainable contribution to the development of regenerative energy systems and innovations in a sustainable bio-based economy.
Our contract research services are designed to support our industrial partners in all phases of the value chain.

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