Thermochemical Technologies

Thermochemical conversion of biomass enables the production of energy (heat and electricity) as well as the co-production of renewable carbon products (biochar, bio-oils and gases) for a wide range of applications (e.g. agriculture, plastics production or metallurgy). Sub-Area 1.1 Thermochemical Technologies focuses on the development, optimization and demonstration of pyrolysis, gasification and combustion technologies as integral parts in renewable and distributed energy systems. A wide range of organic raw materials and residues are used as feedstocks, preferably at the end of cascading utilization concepts, creating additional value through the utilization of residues.


Gasification and pyrolysis technologies can contribute to decarbonization or defossilization via the production of renewable carbon products – coal, bio-oil and gas.

Fixed-bed gasification enables the provision of high-temperature heat or electricity from biomass, as well as the production of new energy sources such as H2. Pyrolysis is a robust technology for the production of renewable carbon products (GreenCarbon). Through targeted process control (temperature, residence time, additives, ...), additional process steps (reforming, activation, ...) and raw material preparation or selection, product properties are to be designed in a way that they can find optimal and innovative application.

The provision of such products or raw materials and the integration into local energy systems increases the security of supply (regional sourcing), strengthens decentralized material and energy cycles and also opens up carbon sink potential.

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