The conversion of biomass into fuels for transportation is the focal issue within our competence field of biofuels. Within this field, we strive to develop applications for novel biomass resources as well as innovative conversion technologies through biological, biotechnological and thermo-chemical processes.

Our activities range from the development to the optimisation of first and second generation biofuels. Our mission is to establish new processes and solutions which generate state-of-the-art technologies and penetrate international markets.

The advanced development of synthetic biofuels is a cornerstone for second generation biofuels, demonstrating one of the most important focuses for technological development worldwide. Moreover, the demand for synthetic biofuels is steadily increasing in the industry.

BEST addresses this challenge through cutting-edge research and development and technology based consulting. The research activities in the field of synthesis are based on dual fluidized bed (DFB) steam gasification. DFB gasification produces a high-grade, practically nitrogen-free product gas, making BEST an international leader in the development of 2nd generation synthetic biofuels.

In the same regard, BEST is also active in industry-driven R&D for poly-generation systems, which allow especially cost-effective processes. Poly-generation means the combined production of heat, power and synthetic biofuels (Bio-SNG, biomass-to-liquid) for vehicles or to feed into the natural gas grid.

Our activities in synthetic biofuels are characterised by our collaboration with leading research institutions all over Europe and by our strong involvement with industrial stakeholders such as utility companies, refineries, plant manufacturers and catalyst producers (see also to the references for Bio-FT).


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