Technology advances in liquid biofuels and renewable gas

Both the accelerating climate change as well as the energy crisis related to the war in Ukraine, call for urgent action to move away from fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Energy savings and renewable energy are the key tools to achieve that. Renewable transport fuels and renewable gases will need to have an increasing role in the transport system and the gas distribution system. A strong growth in so-called ‘advanced technologies’ will be required, starting from a variety of feedstocks, particularly underutilized heterogeneous biomass resources. Meanwhile, increasing prices for oil and gas have totally changed the picture and prospects of renewable fuels compared to one or two years ago.

On 17th October, 2022, IEA Bioenergy conducted a workshop on “Technology advances in liquid biofuels and renewable gas” in Vienna, Austria. The workshop provided insights on recent advances in renewable gas production technologies and what is needed to accelerate their deployment; advances in liquid biofuel technologies and how to accelerate their deployment; and selected developments in Austria with respect to renewable fuel and energy production. The workshop attracted around 100 participants to Vienna, and another 200+ followed online.

All presentation slides as well as recordings of the workshop sessions can be found online at: