Services Sub-Area 1.2

Biogas production
Further development of biogas technology with regard to novel, unused substrates, system integration in e.g. the food industry, digestate and gas utilization concepts, anaerobic wastewater treatment, potential studies, etc.

Microalgae biotechnology
Screening of different microalgae strains, scale-up to pilot scale, downstream processing (harvesting, biomass treatment, valuable material extraction, etc.), process optimization.

Gas fermentation
Optimization of gas fermentation in laboratory scale, biotechnological utilization of CO2-containing gases incl. synthesis gas, process optimization.

Industrial and agricultural residue utilization
Characterization and potentials, pretreatment and digestion, innovative utilization concepts, biotechnological upgrading of residues (energy carriers, bioplastics, basic chemicals, biofertilizers), scale-up, support and optimization of industrial plants, profitability analyses.

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