Marilene Fuhrmann

(Foto: BEST, Andrea Sonnleitner)

"Me and my colleague Doris are part of our LCA (=Life Cycle Assessment) core team. Within the Marie Sklodowsky-Curie Staff-exchange project BioTrainValue, we have the opportunity to be seconded to TU Crete to deepen our knowledge of LCA and will be integrated into the local working group. In particular, we will work on LCA calculations with different modifications (feedstocks, up-scaling scenarios) based on the Syngas platform technology concept of BEST in Vienna. The results of our work will presumably result in joint scientific publications and/or conference contributions.

This research stay represents a great opportunity for me on different levels: On the one hand, from a professional point of view, it is promising to get new methodological insights from such a highly experienced team in Crete. In addition, I think it is very valuable to get to know the working procedures in other institutions and, in particular, to learn what issues can occur in practice and how to avoid them. On the other hand, I greatly appreciate the personal experience of meeting new people, learning about Crete and its culture, visiting a touristic place outside the main season. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to an exciting time!"

Hosting Institute: Technical University of Crete
Time Period: November 2023 - January 2024