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GreenCarbon Biochar - bio-oil - gas

Wopienka E

Published 28 June 2023

Citation: Wopienka E. GreenCarbon. BEST Center Day. 28 June 2023


Simple biorefinery concepts for the production of sustainable carbon products are investigated in the GreenCarbon Lab at the Wieselburg site of BEST. The heart of the GreenCarbon Lab consists of two pyrolysis units: A lab-scale reactor for testing new input materials as well as conducting detailed parameter studies to reveal the correlation of input material, process conditions and products formed, and a pilot-scale to implement and validate knowledge gained in the laboratory environment to
produce specific GreenCarbon products. Also, product batches in larger quantities (approx. 0,1 – 5 tons) can be manufactured for subsequent application tests – e.g. as part of industrial trials at company partners. In addition, equipment for process and product analysis enables a detailed study of the conversion reactions and the characterization of the products obtained.

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