Biomass Combustion

One of our core competences is biomass combustion, which is a key technology for replacing fossil energy sources in the heat market. Our technological expertise ranges from fireplaces and stoves through small scale boilers and on to large biomass combustion systems. On this basis, we cover all relevant research and development fields for biomass combustion and biomass-based combined heat and power (CHP).
The greatest challenges for small scale biomass combustion are to reduce emissions and increase efficiency, in particular in real operation; in medium to large scale biomass combustion and CHP systems the challenges are fuel flexibility, system availability and increasing electrical efficiency.

The derived development fields are:

  • Extension of the resource base for the use as biomass fuel
  • Next-generation combustion technologies (e.g. extreme air staging, candleburner, …)
  • Technologies and methods for reducing gaseous and particulate emissions
  • Measures and technologies for increasing efficiency
  • Reduced emissions and increased efficiency in real applications
  • Dynamic evaluation methods (emissions, efficiency) for biomass combustion
  • Increasing system availability
  • Micro (< 5 kWel) and small scale CHP systems
  • Efficiency increase for medium to large scale steam CHP systems
  • Hybrid heat supply and CHP systems (combinations of biomass technologies with other energy supply technologies)

AREA 1 performance specifications

• Characterisation and design of solid biomass fuels

Innovative, application-oriented methods for fuel characterisation, fuel tests,
blending and additives, mechanical and thermal upgrading, off-gassing,
corrosiveness, national and international standardisation

• Development and optimisation of small boilers

Optimisation of geometries, air supply and control

• Development of next-generation small boiler systems

New burner concepts, extremely staged combustion, new control concepts,
and heat storage and distribution solutions for efficient and low-emission combustion
and heat supply

• Secondary technologies for emissions reduction

Component development, integration and optimisation of operations management

• Development of micro and small CHP systems

Component development and optimisation, system integration and optimisation of thermoelectric generators, Stirling engines and steam processes

• Fuel flexible, reliable and efficient medium to large scale boilers and CHP systems

Optimisation of material selection for heat exchangers and operating conditions for avoiding high- and low-temperature corrosion, fuel additives, enhancing electrical efficiency as a result of increased allowable steam parameters

• Hybrid heat supply systems

Development and optimisation of modular or integrated heat supply systems consisting of a variety of technology combinations

• Realistic evaluation methods

Development, optimisation and application of realistic technology and system
characterisation and evaluation methods, deployment of these methods for
technology and system development

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