Fixed Bed Conversion Systems

(Foto: ecoplus, Hinterramskogler)
This competence area focuses on the core technologies of fixed-bed biomass combustion and biomass gasification. Our extensive technological expertise covers the entire range from single fireplaces and stoves to small-scale boilers and gasifiers or large biomass combustion systems. Our expertise in these fields provides the basis for an extensive range of associated research and development topics (e.g. combined heat and power (CHP), system integration of other heat supply technologies, etc.).

The current challenges for small-scale biomass combustion include lowering emissions in real-life operation and reducing heat output to take account of the low heat demand of modern buildings. Medium to large-scale biomass conversion and CHP systems present challenges in terms of fuel flexibility, system availability and provision of a customized product mix (electricity, heat, product gas).

This leads to the following development fields:

Customized conversion technologies

  • Fuel: Application oriented characterization methods & design
  • Technology: development & evaluation
  • Application: heating, cooling, power and materials
  • at scales from domestic to industrial

User and environment

  • Real-life performance & testing methods
  • System integration
  • Emissions and immissions
  • Efficiency and sustainability

Resources and circular economy

  • Biochar and pyrolysis oil; production, modification, application
  • Resource recovery through thermal processes
  • Valorization of biomass residues and by-products