Fluidized Bed Conversion Systems

Fields of activity

Raw material-flexible technology concepts:
Further development of technologies – fixed-bed gasifiers and pyrolysis units – aiming at expanding the range of feedstocks to low-quality residues.

Tailored gas qualities:
Tailoring gas qualities for specific applications – e.g., producing nitrogen-free product gas for the chemical looping process or achieving defined compositions or purity.

GreenCarbon – product design:
production of defined product qualities for specific applications (e.g. as soil additive, material additive or reducing agent in metallurgy) by selecting suitable feedstocks and process conditions.

Efficient overall concepts:
Optimal integration of heat and power production of polygeneration concepts.

Negative Emission Technologies:
Inherent carbon capture during thermochemical conversion of (renewable) raw materials.



  • Development and optimization of technologies for combustion, gasification and pyrolysis.
  • Characterization and testing of feedstocks with regard to conversion properties and applicability.
  • Characterization of GreenCarbon products (biochar, bio-oil and gas) to be used in specific fields of application (e.g. agriculture, metallurgy, building materials industry)
  • Demonstration of GreenCarbon manufacturing from laboratory to pilot scale application
  • Application tests for renewable gas qualities (burner, chemical looping processes, synthesis

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