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Resource-efficient fuel additives for reducing ash related operational problems in waste wood combustion

Waste wood combustion provides economic advantages compared to the use of virgin biomass fuels but also results in ash related problems such as slagging, fouling and corrosion. Resource-efficient fuel additives such as recycled gypsum provide the possibility to reduce these problems. The goal of the project is the development of efficient fuel additive design concepts, their application in full-scale combustion plants and to show how wood waste fuels and additives can be successfully recovered from the waste stream and integrated in ways that are economical as well as benefit the environment. The overall objective of REFAWOOD is to improve economic and environmental conditions and enlarge the market for the use of wood waste fuels in biomass combustion plants by using resource efficient additives during combustion.

In Austria BE2020 will contribute to the development of efficient additive design concepts by fundamental investigations of the effect of the additives as well as by lab-scale experiments using the proposed additives. BE2020 will lead the work package dealing with the supply systems and utilization of ashes which is summarized as the “fuel and additive value chain”. LASCO and EGGER will provide plants for full-scale trials using the proposed additive design concepts during which the additive effect on slagging, corrosion and fouling shall be investigated by measurements and analyses performed by BE2020. The dissemination and exploitation of results of the Austrian work share will be covered by BE2020.