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MS Speicher: Market survey of energy storage technologies in Austria (MSSP2020)

A research project of the Technikum Wien GmbH, ENFOS e. U., AEE INTEC and BEST GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology in the period from November 2020 until September 2021.


The conversion of energy through humans has always been linked to the topic of energy storage. No matter whether stocks are built up, fuels are stored, water is heated in boilers, natural gas is pressed in depleted deposits or water is collected or pumped into high storages – energy storages are established along the relevant value chain or energy conversion chain and they have played an important role for mankind from the beginning.

Through the rebuild of the historically grown national energy system of central units for converting fossil energy to decentralized structures for converting renewable energy, the topic energy storage gets a different quality. Regarding the energy conversion chain this deals with energy-service related energy storage as for instance the heat storage in building masses for supplying comfortableness for users or the storage of electrical energy of photovoltaic for later use spatially close to the storage.

From the wide area of innovative energy storages in the present project the stationary battery storage devices for the maximisation of the private consumption in PV-systems, the large heat storage for local and district heating systems, the thermal activation of buildings and the area of innovative storage systems have been chosen for the first market survey. The historical market diffusion of these technologies is surveyed empirically in this project and documented up to 2020. As it is the first-time processing of the topic the studies reach from the definition of the objects of investigation involving further experts to the development of survey structures and instruments up to practical surveys, data processing and interpretation of the results.

The project MSSP2020 provides the basis for planning and decision-making for the design of energy-, and environmental-, technological- and research-political instruments. Furthermore, the results are suitable for making market strategical considerations and for reflecting on the current technological design. Therefore, primary target groups are political decision makers as well as persons from research, development and the production industry. The results of the project will be written in a final report and will presumably be publicly available by autumn 2021.

Contact with the project team:

Total project management and field of battery storage devices:
Kurt Leonhartsberger MSc., E-Mail:

Scientific management and field of component activation:
DI Dr. Peter Biermayr, E-Mail:

Field of large heat storage:
Ing. Christian Fink, E-Mail:

Field of innovative energy storage:
DI Dr. Christoph Strasser, E-Mail:


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