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EvEmBi: Evaluation and reduction of methane emissions from different European biogas plant concepts

The project “EvEmBi – Evaluation and reduction of methane emission from different biogas plant concepts” aims on supporting biogas plant operators to reduce methane emission, where necessary by providing accurate measuring data of methane emissions. This project is based on findings from the previous project “MetHarmo – European harmonisation of methods to quantify methane emissions from biogas plants” and evaluates existing technologies at biogas plants in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland with regard to their methane emissions. In EvEmBi on- and off-site measurement methods are used to quantify methane emissions from single emission sources and from the overall plant. Furthermore, suitable approaches and recommendations for emission measurements at biogas plants provided for plant operators.

Further information about measuring methane emissions:

Methane emissions from biogas plants Methods for measurement, results and effect on greenhouse gas balance of electricity produced


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