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On efficient solar district heating systems – status and latest results

Viktor Unterberger (BEST, AUT) , Klaus Lichtenegger (BEST, AUT) , Magdalena Berberich (SOLITES, GER), Lukas Feierl (SOLID SES, AUT), Maria Moser (SOLID SES, AUT), Luuk Beurskens (TNO, NL), Joakim Byström (Absolicon, SWE), Carina Deutsch (BEST, AUT), Mark

Published 2024

Citation: Unterberger V, Lichtenegger K, Berberich M, Feierl L, Moser M, Beurskens L, Byström J, Deutsch C, Gölles M. On efficient solar district heating systems – status and latest results. IEA SHC Task 68 - Efficient Solar District Heating Systems. 3rd International Sustainable Energy Conference: ISEC 2024. Graz, 10-11/04/2024. Poster presentation.


Heat is still the largest energy end-use, accounting for about 50% of global final energy consumption in 2022 and contributing to 40% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Regarding the heat supply of buildings, district heating plays an important role and is well-established in many countries. However, most of the district heating networks worldwide are still operated with supply temperatures of 70-120°C (medium-high temperature) often produced by caloric power plants. Solar district heating (SDH) systems can be a valuable alternative to decarbonize these systems. How this can be done most efficiently is investigated within the task 68 Efficient Solar District Heating Systems of the International Energy Agency (IEA) from the technology cooperation program – solar heating and cooling (SHC). This contribution presents the latest results of the task regarding comparison of different collector technologies, important digitalization aspects, analysis of available funding schemes and latest efficient SHD installations.

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