Data, Analysis and Measuring Technology

Many of the projects of BEST require chemical analyses. Most of these analyses are not outsourced but carried out by the centre’s internal chemical laboratory.
A wide range of different analytical techniques is used covering the examination of biogenic raw materials, ashes, slags, deposits, dusts, sludges and condensates. Therefore, the chemical analysis group represents an important support for the excellent and internationally competitive research and development work performed in the different areas of BEST. Innovative analysis and measuring methods are also developed project-specifically to address issues arising during ongoing research work. Cooperation agreements with universities assure that external laboratories and analysis equipment are available, if required, and synergy effects are efficiently utilized. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility in the solution of analytical and measurement tasks associated with the use of
biomass and substitute fuels for the generation of energy. Besides the support of internal projects, the available equipment and expertise of the staff is also offered as a service to external customers in various fields.
… some of our routine analytical techniques

  • calorific value, water content and ash content of fuels
  • chemical characterisation of fuels, ashes, slags and dusts
  • determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen
  • determination of chlorine and sulphur
  • determination of ash-forming elements (K, Ca, Na, Si, Al, Fe, …)
  • determination of heavy metals
  • melting behaviour of ash

The analytical data collected create a consistent database for technological developments and simulation work. They are incorporated into the development of European standards for biogenic fuels and determination methods for their examination as well as into the compilation of a comprehensive biomass and ash database. Hence, the Data, Analysis and Measuring Technology working group
also fulfils an important networking function between the individual areas. n “Data, Analysis and Measuring Technology” working group – an important partner in many areas.

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