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Assessment of the influencing and reduction potential on off-gassing of pellets during storage to increase storage security

Wood pellets may release various component during transportation and storage. Thus, relatively high concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and methane (CH4) may occur in pellet storages....

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Bi-directional integration of buildings with heat production capacities in heating grids 2+

Heat grids are an excellent way to integrate renewable energy sources into a universal heat supply system and thus reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts. At the moment, however, many locally available heat sources remain unused. In...

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Development of micro-cogeneration with thermogenerators as a modular integrated system for biomass boilers

For the operation of pellet heating systems (boilers, furnaces) electrical energy for fuel transportation, water pumping, control, and induced draft fan is required which is usually taken from the grid. Thus, the heat generation is dependent from the...

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Flexibly adjustable grate systems are major prerequisites for combustion systems that can be operated with different types and qualities of biomass fuels, and to ensure low emissions and high operational security regarding slag handling at the same...

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Resource-efficient fuel additives for reducing ash related operational problems in waste wood combustion

Waste wood combustion provides economic advantages compared to the use of virgin biomass fuels but also results in ash related problems such as slagging, fouling and corrosion. Resource-efficient fuel additives such as recycled gypsum provide the...

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The Green Parking Space – Utilization of urban traffic areas for production of biomass

Some traffic and parking areas in the urban environment are only used during limited periods. This is true, for example, for parking spaces in large, peripherally located cinemas, which are usually only occupied to a significant extent in the evening...

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