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Barrel / day Fischer Tropsch

The objective of the COMET project "Barrel / day Fischer Tropsch" is the planning, construction and operation of a plant for the production of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) products (diesel, kerosene and biowaxes from wood) in the scale of one barrel per day of...

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Mixed Alcohols from Biomass Steam Gasification III

In BIOENERGY 2020+ research and development on the synthesis of mixed alcohols is done since 2010. Within the past projects a lab-scale plant was built and operated, where about 1 Nm³/h of synthesis gas was processed. The main investigations were...

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Potential of Thermal Steam Biomass Gasification for the production of Hydrogen, SNG, Electricity and District heat

Steam gasification of biomass offers a great potential for polygeneration concepts, which aim at the generation of various products from a single feedstock. The dual fluidized bed biomass steam gasification of biomass generates a N2 free product with...

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Reactor optimization by membrane enhanced operation

ROMEO is a European Research and Innovation Project funded by the European Commission. It is developing a new reactor concept using homogeneous catalysis and membrane technology to carry out chemical synthesis and downstream processing in a single...

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Thermal gasification in dual fluidized bed systems is an efficient method to generate electricity and heat from biomass and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. High operating costs due to the utilization of the catalytically active bed material olivine...

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