Doris Matschegg

(Foto: BEST, Andrea Sonnleitner)

"I am involved in bioenergy research, because I am convinced that the contribution of biomass to defossilization is crucial, especially in sectors that are difficult to electrify. In my dissertation I will focus on the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels through gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of biogenic residues such as bark.

My dissertation involves life cycle assessments (LCA) of this process on a pilot and industrial scale. The method of assessing environmental impacts using LCA is quite new to me and therefore I am very grateful for technical support in this matter. I look forward to learn from the team at the Technical University of Crete who have already published several LCA studies for renewable energy systems in scientific journals .

While I can contribute expertise in biomass and bioenergy, I am convinced that me and my dissertation can benefit from the expertise of the Technical University of Crete in LCA. Possible future collaboration is envisaged in the form of a co-authorship of a joint scientific journal paper and/or joint conference participation."

Hosting Institute: Technical University of Crete, School of Production Engineering & Management
Time Period November 2023 - January 2024