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First test runs and tar analyses of a low temperature pyrolysis

Published 2009

Citation: Wolfesberger, U. First test runs and tar analyses of a low temperature pyrolysis, Master Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, 2009.


The global warming, the increasing CO2 emission, the combustion and dependency on fossil fuels, as well as the high-energy prices have resulted in an increasing demand in renewable energy sources. Biomass, as a renewable energy source, has the potential to contribute to the future energy mix in many countries. In this thesis the so-called low temperature or slow pyrolysis is chosen to convert biomass into energy rich products. Pyrolysis is a process to convert biomass directly into solid, liquid and gaseous products by thermal decomposition in absence of oxygen. The goal of the pilot plant Dürnrohr is to generate a combustible gas to substitute fossil fuels in the thermal power plant Dürnrohr. The complete process consists of individual steps. First of all the biomass is pyrolysed and pyrolysis gas and pyrolysis char are produced. The obtained pyrolysis gas is combusted in a fluidized bed combustion chamber implemented as afterburner. The following step is fluidized bed combustion of
the intermediate-stored pyrolysis char. Due to the use of different biomasses and adjustment of the individual steps, the process should be optimized for the application for the power plant Dürnrohr. One major point of the production of the pyrolysis gas is the amount of tar. The tar amount was analyzed during pyrolysis operation to find out how much tar is produced at which process settings with a main focus on the temperature. The gravimetric
analysis included gravimetric tar, dust, entrained char, water content and ph-value, as well as the GC/MS tars of the pyrolysis gas. All these data was sampled, analyzed and evaluated as well as discussed.


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