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Applicability survey of different torrefied biomass fuels in small scale appliances

Published 2014

Citation: Feldmeier S, Schwabl M, Wopienka E, Strasser C, Haslinger W. Applicability survey of different torrefied biomass fuels in small scale appliances, 22nd European Biomass Conference 2014, 23rd-26th of June 2014, Hamburg, Germany. p 662-666.


The torrefaction process is a promising key technology for biomass treatment. An improvement of the fuel properties, e.g. a higher gross calorific value and a resulting increased energy density, is expected. The changed fuel properties in terms of water repellence enable an improved storability. However, the modified fuel characteristics change the combustion behaviour of the fuel. Since small­scale pellet boilers mainly are dedicated to wood pellets, the applicability of torrefied fuel yet remains unclear. Within the EU FP7 project SECTOR, amongst others, the end­use application of torrefied biomass was investigated in several small scale appliances and the behaviour during the stationary operational conditions of the combustion process was assessed. The experimental design was divided in two parts: First, a survey of the combustion appliances was conducted in order to observe the influence of the changed fuel properties on the different boiler systems. Afterwards, the combustion behaviour of torrefied pellets made of different raw material quality was monitored by utilizing the test fuels and monitor the emission release. The results of these experimental series provide an initial indication for the feasibility of the utilization of several torrefied fuels in state­of­the­art pellet boilers.