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Development of process routes for synthetic biofuels from biomass (BTL)

Published 2010

Citation: Weber G, Potetz A, Rauch R, Hofbauer H. Development of process routes for synthetic biofuels from biomass (BTL), 18th European Biomass Conference and Exhibiton 2010, 3rd-7th May 2010, Lyon, France. p 1829-1833.


In Güssing a nearly nitrogen free product gas can be provided by the Fast Internal Circulating Fluidized Bed (FICFB) – gasification system. The main components of the product gas are hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). A Fischer – Tropsch (FT-) trial plant uses the product gas components H2 and CO in an exothermic, catalytic reaction to produce hydrocarbon chains. Catalysts based on iron and cobalt are used for the synthesis. In Güssing a slurry reactor is used for low temperature FT – synthesis. The main parts of the plant are the gas cleaning section, the gas compression section, the FT – slurry reactor and the product separation section. In the year 2008 eight experiments with a catalyst based on iron and from April to July 2009 ten experiments with a catalyst based on cobalt were done. Over 1400 operating hours were reached and approximately 170 kg of FT – raw product was produced. The product of the experiments with cobalt catalyst was split into the fractions naphtha, diesel and waxes by vacuum distillation. The long chain waxes of the distillation were used in a hydro – treater to convert them to diesel.


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