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Unearthing waste`s potential for 100% renewable energy systems

Published 2009

Citation: Ragossnig A. Unearthing waste`s potential for 100% renewable energy systems. 5th SDEWES-conference 2009, 29th of September-3rd of October, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


This paper focusses on the elaboration of the potential of the waste sector to contribute to the provision of 100% renewable energy systems. Waste is an abundant and locally available ressource and in many cases it is (at least partially) of biogenic origin, therefore pursuing political goals in waste management by energetic utilization of waste contributes towards achieving political goals in the energy as well as climate policy, too. However, it is shown based on the example of Austria that looking at energy systems on a national or international scale the waste sector is only able to contribute very little to the provision of the overall energy needed. It is different if one looks at specific energy systems in industrial sectors or on individual industrial sites. Here one must aknowledge that the energetic utilization of waste can have a high impact towards establishing renewable energy systems. Exemplarily this is shown by discussing the Austrian pulp & paper as well as the cement industry sector.


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