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Rotary kiln pyrolysis- First results of a 3 MW pilot plant

Published 2010

Citation: Kern S, Halwachs M, Pröll T, Kampichler G. Rotary Kiln Pyrolysis First Results of a 3 MW Pilot Plant, IFC on IGCC and XtL 2010, 3rd-5th of May 2010, Dresden, Germany.


A pyrolysis process can be used to split up the biomass in a volatile fraction poor in undesired substances (Cl, N, S,
Na and K) and a char fraction where these substances are concentrated. In this way cheap biomass can be used for cofiring in existing fossil fuel power stations without the danger of corrosion, deposition, and emission problems. The aim of the project is the development and demonstration of a biomass pretreatment process based on pyrolysis in the temperature range between 450-650 °C to split the energy in the biomass into volatiles with a low content of the above mentioned undesired compounds and char, where most of these pollutants are concentrated. The balance of the system can provide important results, such as the development of the product spectrum by a function of the operating parameters. Based on the results of the pilot plant a scale up to a capacity of 30 MWth fuel input and the connection with the coal fired power plant is currently investigated.


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