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Micro-CHP – Experiences with thermoelectric generators integrated in a wood pellet combustion unit

Published 2009

Citation: Friedl G, Moser W, McCarry A, Berndt K, Schöpke R. Micro-CHP – Experiences with thermoelectric generators integrated in a wood pellet combustion unit, 28th International_and 7th European_Conference_on_Thermoelectrics 2009, 26th-30th of July, 2009, Freiburg, Germany


Wood pellet combustion units are a comfortable, full automatic and low emission solution for the provision of space heating in small scale applications. The requirement of an auxiliary energy source for the heat supply and distribution however results in a dependence on the electrical grid. The goal of this work is thereby to eliminate this dependence and to meet the auxiliary energy demand through the independent production of electrical energy. The thermoelectric power production method was chosen from a number of technology variations so as to guarantee the silent and maintenance free production of direct current that can be implemented in cellars and space heaters. The first development step was the implementation of a Prototype with a fuel heat input of 10 kW and a nominal electrical power of 200 W. The central point of the implementation was the integration of a thermo-generator in a pellet combustion unit and the subsequent evaluation of the system concept. The integrated system implemented in the prototype confirms the feasibility of the combination of these technologies. The electrical efficiency of the thermo-generator was found to be in accordance with the target value of 4%, corresponding to a produced nominal electric power of 200 W.


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