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Quality Check for European Wood Pellets

Published 2009

Citation: Wopienka E, Griesmayr S, Friedl G, Haslinger W. Quality Check for European Wood Pellets, 17th European Biomass Conference 2009, 29th of June-3rd of July 2009, Hamburg, Germany. p 1821-1823.


In the presented work the fuel quality and basic data about production processes of wood pellets from
all over Europe are investigated. For this purpose pellets producers were interviewed and fuel samples were analysed. Information from 91 companies was evaluated, covering about 50% of the European pellets production capacity, and pellets samples of 51 companies from 18 different countries were examined. It was found, that the raw material for pellets production is mainly taken from local resources. 75% of the plants process soft wood, whereas the use of hard wood is more common in Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain and France. Regarding the fuel properties of the pellets, differences were mainly found with regard to ash content and mechanical durability. In spite of these strong variations, almost all samples fulfilled the requirements according to the respective quality standard declared, and a clear correlation of valid standards and available pellets qualities was observed.


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