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Act4Value - Actors for innovative and regional bio residue valorization

Sedlmayer I, Wopienka E

Published 28 June 2023

Citation: Sedlmayer I, Wopienka E. Act4Value - Actors for innovative and regional bio residue valorization. BEST Center Day. 28 June 2023


A drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil resources and efficient use are key factors in limiting the further progression of climate change. Cascading use and recycling of residues in the sense of bioeconomy and circular economy are essential. Thermochemical or microbiological conversion can produce various intermediates and endproducts (e.g. biochar, basic chemicals, bioenergy) from biogenic residues. Implemented decentrally, such concepts can reduce transportation efforts, increase the degree of self-sufficiency with raw materials, increase regional added value creation and close (preferably regional) material and energy cycles.

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