Biomass Gasification

The exploitation of biomass by gasification is at the core of our field of expertise. By thermal gasification we can exploit a variety of biogenic resources as product gases or synthesis gas. This technology plays an important role in our vision of a modern and sustainable energy supply.
The applications include:

  • traditional combined heat and power (CHP) by means of coupling with gas engines, implemented in an output range of 100–5,000 kWel,
  • effective prime movers for larger facilities (>5,000 kWel) – gas turbines,
  • micro gas turbines in the smallest output range (50-250 kWel),
  • high-temperature fuel cells as an interesting perspective for the future, whereby technical development for power units >1 kWel is currently still underway.

In addition to this direct energy use the product gas can also be used as synthesis gas for a variety of downstream processes and applications. Storable energy carriers can be provided grid bound (SNG) or liquid. The latter (methanol, FT fuels, …) may also serve as raw materials for further use in the chemical industry. Finally, the production of hydrogen from biomass represents another interesting perspective for the future.
The development and optimisation of the necessary processes is divided along the production chain into the fields of gas production, gas treatment and gas utilisation. This results in a series of developments for individual process steps or for the process as a whole and the associated infrastructure including measuring and analysis technology.

AREA 2 performance specifications

• Gas production

Further development of relevant processes, such as pyrolysis, fluidised bed gasification, staged gasification for thermal conversion of biogenic resources, residues and wastes into product and synthesis gas, and other valuable materials

• Gas treatment

Development and application of suitable methods for cleaning and upgrading product or synthesis gas, independent of generation and application

• Gas use

Investigation of a variety of applications for gas use, among others product gas for industrial processes (e.g. high-temperature heat), CHP of product gas and synthesis gas applications

• Process development and optimisation

Pyrolysis including fractionated product recovery, fluidised bed gasification with a particular focus on the dual fluid gasification technology (lignocellulosic biomass, biogenic residues, sewage sludge, etc.), staged gasification (lignocellulosic biomass, straw, WDB (waste derived biomass)), gas scrubbing for segregation of impurities and undesired components and carbon dioxide, hot gas scrubbing for a variety of applications, testing of various operating resources for gasification and gas scrubbing, integration of biomass gasification in industrial processes, integration of biomass gasification and industrial carbon dioxide separation in power-to-gas concepts (PtG)

• Measuring and analysis technology

Development and refinement of existing methods and the development of new methods for determination of gas components, and for evaluating the increasing quality requirements on product gas and synthesis gas

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