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Evaluation of the Combustion Behaviour of Straw, Poplar and Maize in a Small-Scale Biomass Boiler

Kelz J, Krenn O, Zemann C, Muschick D, Hofmeister G, Gölles M, Retschitzegger S, Weissinger A, Schmidl C, Haslinger W, Hochenauer C

Published June 2017

Citation: Kelz J, Zemann C, Muschick D, Krenn O, Hofmeister G, Weissinger A, Gölles M. & Hochenauer C. Evaluation of the Combustion Behaviour of Straw, Poplar and Maize in a Small-Scale Biomass Boiler. Proceedings 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 12-15 June 2017, Stockholm, Sweden. p. 1958-1966


In order to evaluate the combustion behaviour of new biomass feedstocks such as short rotation coppice (poplar wood chips), fuels from agriculture (wheat straw pellets) and biomass residues (maize spindle grits), comprehensive test runs investigating both particulate matter (PM) and gaseous emissions were performed. A commercially available small-scale biomass boiler, especially designed to enable high fuel flexibility, was used for this evaluation. The combustion behaviour was determined for various boiler load conditions and primary air ratios while maintaining a constant total air ratio. Based on wet chemical analyses of the fuels, fuel indexes were calculated to deliver primary information on the combustion behaviour to be expected. During the test runs appropriate operating conditions were determined for these new biomass feedstocks in order to optimise combustion parameters and to minimise PM and gaseous emissions as well as to inhibit ash related problems (slagging, ash deposit formation and corrosion). The optimisation of operating conditions by primary measures showed a big potential for a stable boiler operation combined with reduced emissions. The findings provide the basis for a further development of combustion systems as well as control systems for the combustion of new biomass feedstocks.

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