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Distributed Optimization Methods for Energy Management Systems

Valentin Kaisermayer

Published 2023

Citation: Kaisermayer V. Distributed Optimization Methods for Energy Management Systems. 2023.


Efficient control of energy systems is an important factor in achieving the CO2-emission goals. District heating (DH) networks are an especially relevant example of such energy systems. State-of-the-art control of small and medium-sized DH networks, however, still mainly relies on simple rule-based control concepts. Handling future challenges such as varying prices and intermittent renewable production is difficult to achieve with such control concepts. Optimization-based energy management systems (EMS) are a promising high-level control approach for the efficient operation of DH networks and complex energy systems in general. An especially interesting challenge arises when DH networks grow, as often the opportunity arises to interconnect them. However, if they operated by different owners, the control task becomes challenging, especially for optimization-based EMS. This is because, in the overall objective function, the cost and revenue for any exchange of energy would cancel out. This thesis presents a solution to this challenge. The main focus of this thesis is on the application of distributed optimization methods for EMS in the context of coupled energy systems, operated by multiple owners, especially interconnected DH networks. The presented methods and ideas are evaluated on a practical application of three DH networks in Austria.  


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