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Investigation of individual motives and decision paths on residential energy supply systems

Published 16 June 2023

Citation: Matschegg D, Carlon E, Sturmlechner R, Sonnleitner A, Fuhrmann M, Dißauer C, Strasser C, Enigl M. Investigation of individual motives and decision paths on residential energy suplly systems. Energy. 2023. 281:128151.


A better understanding of end users’ motives for choosing their energy supply system (heating and domestic hot water, cooling and electricity) can support the establishment of favorable conditions for the energy transition. In this research project, a survey was conducted in the Austrian residential sector to identify end users’ interests and decisions for certain energy supply systems as well as motives for the choice. Based on 169 responses to the questionnaire, a statistical analysis was performed to evaluate the influence of gender aspects on interests and decisions. More than 90% of respondents required robust and efficient energy supply systems, which should have the highest technical standards. The environmental performance was also highly valued, whereas financial aspects, including investment costs were considered less important. 79% of men were mainly involved in the decision-making process, whereas only 59% of women were involved and, in most cases, made the decision together with their partner (52%). Identifying these motives and analyzing investment decisions enables the future integration of social and gender aspects into optimization models for individual households or energy communities.

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